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About Dub C DJs


We Rock the Party

Since its establishment in 2005, Dub C DJs has refined its brand of DJing and has expanded to become one of the Washington, DC area's preeminent DJ firms. Our comprehensive entertainment service covers everything from event lighting to emceeing; however, the art of music selection is first and foremost to our operations. 

Expertise in Music Selection

Our core competency is music selection. For nearly a decade, Dub C DJs has maintained a meticulous record keeping and music research system that tracks per event how varying audiences respond to different song selections. Our strategy combines art and science by balancing a sufficient amount of music that audiences are familiar with, while also incorporating unique and provocative tracks that provide some edge and freshness to the events at which we preside. To implement this music-first culture, nearly all of the DJs that comprise our talent pool are also performing musicians and recording artists. Their investment in and dedication to music, and the skills developed performing live at clubs, uniquely positions them to DJ events.

We Keep it Simple

Another cornerstone of Dub C DJs' service is that we bring simplicity to the client experience. From not requiring a security deposit to using a streamlined pre-event consultation process, our service is designed to save the time and energy of our clients given the many other event logistics to which they must attend.

The people behind Dub C DJs are in this business because we like to party and because we recognize the value of taking time to celebrate good times with family, friends, and community. Great music is indispensable to such settings and we would be honored to be your DJ for these gatherings.

What Our Clients Say

Learn What Our Clients Say About Dub C DJs

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What Our Clients Say...

  • Rachel DanIn the months leading up to our wedding my fiancé and I were jammed at work and just didn't have the time to think about music and all of the details that go into throwing a great wedding reception. Fortunately Dub C DJs had us covered. At our pre-event consultation our DJ efficiently elicited all of the information he needed from us, assembled a comprehensive event plan, and then executed it with flair at our reception.
    Rachel & Dan Ackmann, Wedding Clients
  • Nate MarybethIt is rare to find a DJ that is able to keep friends and family from three different generations moving on the dance floor. This company clearly has done its due diligence when it comes to music and knows how to ramp it up and keep people dancing with a provocative blend of musical genres.

    Nate & Marybeth MacCosbe, Wedding Clients
  • Jason AnchalThroughout our event it was readily apparent that our DJ was having a great time at the party himself, while at the same time demonstrating that he was incredibly good at what he was hired to do.

    Jason & Anchal Hirama, Wedding Clients